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Our Advanced Record Cleaning Fluid contains special ingredients that deeply penetrate removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your records.


It actively reduces static & gives your vinyl a gleaming shine!


  • Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)


  • Made with the finest quality, purified ingredients (many other cleaners can contain impurities & additives that inhibit cleaning power and leave more of a residue)


  • 250ml Bottle (Easily enough fluid to clean 200+ LPs)


  • Large cleaning cloth


  • Anti-static 


  • Anti-bacterial


  • Leaves no residue


  • Quick Dry Formula


  • Easy Spray on Aplicator


  • 100% safe on Vinyl


  • Made In England


Your records will look better but most importantly SOUND better!

Quick, easy to use a super effective!


We also produce a range of other turntable and disc care products

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The Best 'solution' for cleaning vinyl!

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General Usage Directions For Our Spray Product:


1) Choose a flat ,stable, clean surface on which to place the vinyl to be cleaned


2) Spray Fluid directly onto the surface of the record, avoiding the center label

(1 to 3 sprays per side is usually ample for an average 12" cleaning)


3) Use cloth to wipe around in a circular motion anti-clockwise, buffing several times


4) Wipe untill completely dry, repeat if necessary


5) Flip over and repeat on the other side too


6) Give it a spin & turn up the volume!


Clear Groove is a also very effective in RCM (record Cleaning Machines)

for a more indepth guide & usage tips please click here




Our 250ml fluid will go a very long way, typically cleaning upto 200 12"s and even more 7" or CDs

(yes its great on compact discs too!)


A great cleaner for either a quick wipe & clean or more thorough buffing session on badly soiled vinyl!

For dealers a bottle of cleaner is an essential bit of kit - no one wants to buy a record covered in fingerprints or worse still dirt and grime!

If you are an online trader its a great product to have by your side to give every disc that goes out a 'once over' before packing.

If you are a mail order trader its a great product to have by your side to give every disc that goes out a 'once over' before packing.


Our special formula fluid will give vinyls a lovely shine just like the day they were new!


We also highly recommend keeping your stylus clean aswell as the platter and storing all your records in sealable sleeves like those available here in our shop.


There are lots of cleaners on the market but they are not all the same!- many are of poor quality made with mediocre ingredients, some will do an OK job but leave more of a residue, some are totally in-effective. Clear Groove was the 1st product of its kind to offer a large volume and large microfiber type cloth as standard - it has a specially developed unique recipe with quality ingredients and zero impurities - Its been a tried & tested solution for many years!


Please make sure you follow the usage instructions on the bottle and use liberally on really soiled vinyl, ensuring you continue to wipe the fluid untill completely dry (you dont want to leave any unwanted debris that have been loosened by the fluid left on the record) - repeating the cleaning process a couple of times will give great results.


Keep Vinyl Alive with Clear Groove : )  


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