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Description: Stylus Cleaner & Q-tip applicators for cleaning your record player needle. Price:4.99

Description: Our famous record cleaning fluid & cloth! - Price: 9.99



£2.99 P&P

CLEAR GROOVE  - Advanced Record Cleaning Kit.


The kit contains a 250ml bottle of special Clear Groove fluid with atomiser spray & and large microfiber cleaning cloth.


Clear Groove Record Cleaning Fluid contains unique special ingredients that deeply penetrate, removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your records whilst putting the shine back into them!  The fluid also contains properties that actively reduce static.


Advantages of Clear Groove over other products:


- Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)


- Made with the finest quality, Purified chemicals (other cleaners can contain impurities & additives that inhibit cleaning power and leave more of a residue behind)


- 250ml Bottle (some other products contain as little as 30ml)


- Large cleaning cloth (not a tiny thin one that will need throwing away after a couple of uses!)


- Anti-static


- Easy Spray on Aplicator


Your records will look and feel better but most importantly SOUND better!


We feel this is the best cleaning fluid currently available, it dose a fantastic job!  - if you are a serious record collector or DJ then look no further.

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Clear Groove - Stylus Cleaner Only  - £4.99

You will receive:


1 x 50ml bottle of Stylus Cleaning Fluid (with dropper cap)


5 x Q-tip Stylus applicators (4 double ended and 1 precision)

UK Buyers 4.99




£2.99 P&P


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