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TURNTABLE ROUND UP - High End / Budget & DJ Decks....



A mere £9420 gets you the British made Nottingham Analogue Anna Log Turntable.


Its available in oak or sepal (tonearm not included!)


So what do you get for the price of a family car?


Its made from a solid mahogany beam recovered from a 200 year old mill. The platter casting is aged for 3 more years prior to final machining.


The Anna Log is the ultimate extension of the Nottingham design experience as previously shown in the Mentor Reference, the top of the range turntable.


The philosophy of Nottingham Analogue [from the makers website]


'Rather than making more and more complex systems with exotic power supplies, hard to set-up and maintain suspension systems, the Nottingham Analogue Turntables really applies the "simple is good" principles.


The motor is so small that the drive is always left "on". To start the turntable, simply give the platter a "push". The motor is then only required to overcome the minimal frictional losses of the high quality bearing assembly. Speed is controlled absolutely by the inertia of the high mass platter but without the typical problems.


Nottingham Analogue Turntables also have no complex spring systems that quickly tire and need adjustment and endless "tuning". Your turntable need only a simple wooden table or a solid shelf to work at it?s tonal best.


A unique feature of the Nottingham Analogue Turntables is the relative ease with which 2 arms can be fitted. In some markets this is almost a pre-requisite. Thus, virtually any combination of arms can be mounted on the "Space" range.'


Verdict:  Stunning,  One to consider if you if your filthy rich!



Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck Turntable


Priced at around £1200 the spacedeck  is a high end British made record deck.


It has a rather unusual construction -

three separate pillars resting on a composite resin turntable platform obviate any vibration.

The turntable is placed on top of this platform along with the separate, off board motor.


Verdict: Nice if you can afford it but still alto of money for a record deck! tonearm is an extra!











Clear-audio Statement Luxury Turntable


Look at this, Luxury is an understatement!


got a spare 90 grand by any chance?


Probably what Richard Branson has in his spare room?




OK So we've looked at the highest end of the market,

That's enough drooling lets get back to the real world:






The true classic and industry standard DJ turntable (before digital mixing took over!)


First released in 1990, several versions available MK2,MK2,M3.


Technics ceased production in and old ones hold there value well.


Pioneer released the PLX 1000 in 2015 which is based on the classic Technics design.


Various mods and pimping of this deck has been done - like the infamous gold plated ones.


VERDICT: This legendary deck has stood the test of time and its reputation not just in the DJ world speaks for itself.

Before tracking down an old pair though also consider getting the newly updated pioneer remake. (Details below)



Pioneer PLX-1000 DJ Turntable.


a modern take on the legendary Technics 1210/1200's


Since production of the Technics ceased you would have to buy second hand to get the industry standard DJ deck.


Now Pioneer have released the PLX-1000, Not identical but the closest thing to Technics with some added features.


All the important similarities are present, and the additional features add surprising value. The dimensions are pretty much identical.

The deck is a bit heavier than the original,  The tonearm has the original S-shape.

The platter has mirrored dots like a Technics platter but the stop/start button is now circular, like on Pioneer CDJs


Extra Tempo Range means you can adjust at 16% or 50%, via a tempo button,   the motor adds some torque. Overall they 'feel' pretty much the same as mixing on the original Technics deck.






Now for something completely different!


a record deck that can play vinyls vertically and that you can mount on your wall!


available in red, black or white and pretty pleasing too the eye.


2 versions for left– and right-handed users. The VTE turntable can be positioned on a table or mounted on a wall. it comes pre-adjusted out of the box. No further set-up is needed. Tracking force and anti-skating are carefully set.


VERDICT: Good build quality and aesthetically pleasing too, a great choice for those that like a break from the norm.

and not a bad price at around £220



NAD C566


Nad is a name sin ominous with higher end audio for many years.


This deck does not disappoint, priced at around £250. a reference quality machine.


Comes with cartridge installed and aligned.


Nad say they concentrated only on the developing the bits that actually effect sound quality, meaning precision  and low vibration.


looks awesome and and sounds even better!


VERDICT: At this price point this is the one to get!






A well received deck which features easy connection to wireless streaming such as Sonos, priced at round £250


Can be plugged directly into active loudspeakers or traditional amp / hi fit systems.


VERDICT: A sleek looking nice sounding turntable and the best choice for Sonos / wireless speaker owners.











High end direct drive DJ Turntable, Midi Compatible, powerful torque DC motor, super adjustable pitch and anti skipping that works and well balanced platter.


VERDICT: The anti skip arm is excellent - If you want a quality oldskool deck but with modern digital control maybe this ones for you.




This guide is for reference only.

We are in no way affilated with any of the manufacturers mentioned.

all trade names and copyright belong to the respective companies.



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The Vinyl Record Deck - the focus of your analogue shrine - They come in many different forms - we take a look at some of what the modern market has to offer aswell as a classic or two.


Many of the modern turntables come with USB connection, digital conversion and other features, there are also alot of portable retro looking decks and lower end models with built in speakers. Be careful with overly cheap units, not only will the build quality and sound be awfull, Its said they may even damage your records!


Sometimes overlooked, dont forget to properly balance and adjust your deck and stylus correctly.


Of course for the best sound, performance and life of your equipment always keep your records, stylus and platter clean - but we would say that wouldnt we ; )

Anna anna log high ednd wooden record player Spacedeck Turntable clearaudio Statement Luxury Flexon vinyl play record player Pro Ject Vertical Turntable NAD c566 vinyl record deck vestax DJ Deck PDX 3000 IONMAX WOOD lenco l85 plx-1000 Technics remake DJ Decks cruiser 2 pink

CROSSLEY CRUISER PORTABLE (Available in a range of colours)




33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records

Dynamic full range stereo speakers

RCA and headphone jack outputs

Portable Audio Ready - Simply Plug-in Your Portable Audio Device or MP3 Player


Verdict: AN OK budget deck and colour choice is handy for fitting it in to your home decor. Around £90



A nice looking budget deck with Digital Recorder, built-in stereo speakers

USB port for converting into digital.

33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records

Headphone output.

Vinyl/Tape Converter software and 3.5mm aux input l

RCA outputs for stereo / amp connection

Natural wood finish


Verdict: if you want a basic USB turntable then this could fit the bill with its good looks but dont expect much with the onboard speakers -  around £100

Lenco L-85 USB


This belt drive turntable with moving mag cartridge has direct MP3 encoding you can record your vinyl collection


verdict: Love the yellow : ) a nice deck with digital features, perhaps  a tadd expensive for what it is at around £140

technics (customised)