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T-Total Alcohol Free Record Cleaner


Introducing Clear Groove T - Total!


The new alternative to alcohol based cleaning fluids developed by the experts at Clear Groove.


This cleaner is different to our standard fluid in that it contains no alcohol of any kind.


It is also free from other strong artificial chemicals with a unique formula based on natural plant extracts.


This pleasantly smelling cleaner is non toxic, non flammable & bio degradable.


An effective product that easily dissolves dirt, grease & grime improving clarity & the overall sound -stage.


Hassle Free - It does not require dilution or a final rinse with water and unlike other similar alcohol free products it actually drys fairly quickly.


T-Total utilizes Liquid Hydro Carbons derived from nature to bring old vinyl back to life with warmer more organic Sound qualities.



The Totally Different, Effective, More Natural, Pleasantly Fragranced Record Cleaning fluid.



Try some today!

Here at Clear Groove we were apprehensive about creating alternative fluids in fear of taking anything away from our existing tried & tested formula which we know is a well loved effective product. (Clear Groove Advanced Record Cleaner)


However in an ever growing market where people are increasingly seeking more greener natural alternatives we decided to set about researching and developing something different, once we discovered the T-Total formula we knew this effort had been worth while!


We do not wish to take anything away form our existing Clear Groove Standard Fluid, The new T-TOTAL is neither better or worse at cleaning records its just different!


You now have the choice of a traditional chemical fluid or a more natural one  - both of which should get your records sounding great and looking shiny : )


Dont forget to view our shop which has a full range of vinyl & turntable care products including Cloths, Brushes, Kits & Sleeves for 12",7" and CDs.


Both T-Total & Standard Clear Groove Fluid is intended for use on standard VINYL RECORDS.


Despite what others might claim the only substance safe on old gramophone / shellac / 78's / acetates & non vinyl material (if they should be cleaned at all!) is PURE WATER, dry dusting methods or a dedicated 78 cleaner  -

We also now supply RINSE OUT a water base product - click here to view

Even then cleaning of delicate non vinyl discs should be done with great care & at your own risk!

see our disc types and cleaning methods guide here

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