Advanced Record Cleaning

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Ultra Cloths & Fluid Kit

£11.99 (Sold out)

Complete Vinyl Cleaning kit with Fluid and 10 pack of new advanced Ultra Cloths!

The All new Clear Groove Precision Record Cleaning Kit with Advanced Ultra Cloths
(new alternative to microfiber cloths)

This kit includes 250ml of Clear Groove Record Cleaner + 10 QTY large semi disposable Disc Wipes.

These brilliant new cloths are Tough, Effective and totally lint free for superior cleaning.

The beauty of a semi disposable product is that by changing the cloth on a more regular basis you lower the risk of contamination from one disc to another, these are also totally lint free meaning no fluffy bits either - this makes thorough cleaning easier and more effective.

Clear Groove Fluid:

Large 250ml bottle, Quick & Easy To Use, Unique Formula, Anti Static, Anti Microbial, Effectively cleans your grooves of dust, dirt and debris - Quick evaporation leaving a glimmering shine & Improved listening experience

The original Clear Groove Tried & Tested Product.

Ultra cloths: - Semi Disposable - Highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and scuffing.

- Totally Lint Free

- High specification, non-woven hydro-entangled material.

- Apertured surface matrix efficiently entraps residue particles.

- Does not leave fibres behind - always clean wiping.

- Large Size Each cloth measures approx 40cm x 30cm and is sufficient to clean multiple discs.Once Soiled Simply Throw away and use a new one.

- Can be folded or cut to size for easier cleaning of 7"s and CDs

You get 10 cloths with this pack, always a fresh one to hand!

This kit is Suitable for vinyl & CDs, not suitable for shellac, acetates & 78's.