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T-Total Alcohol Free Cleaner Kit


Clear Groove T-Total - Record Cleaner.

A  Refreshing new formula made with natural extracts!

This brilliant fluid quickly dissolves dirt, dust & grease from the surfaces of your records.

- Utilises Liquid Hydrocarbons derived from nature.

- Cleans & reduces surface noise, improves dynamics & the overall sound-stage

- Alcohol & Harsh Chemical Free

- Non flammable, non toxic & Bio Degradable.

- Fast Drying

- Effective Cleaning thats tough on dirt but gentle on records, skin & the environment

- Purified ingredients, free from contaminants

- Manufactured in the UK

Unlike Other Alcohol Free Cleaners Its fairly quick to evaporate.
Hassle Free Too as It does not require dilution or mixing before use. Nor do you need to perform a final rinsing with distilled water after cleaning. Developed by Clear Groove for those that would like an alternative to the popular alcohol based products.

This kit includes the 250ml bottle with atomiser spray and 2 cloths!