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Record Cloths Pack

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Clear Groove Professional Disc Cloths Multi Pack.

A  selection of High Quality cloths for cleaning your disc collection.
10 cloths supplied (3 large microfiber , 2 small lint free, 5 Ultra Cloth disc wipes)

Large Microfiber Cloth x 3
- Soft Microfiber for cleaning 12" records - optimum weave size for reaching deep within the grooves -  cloth size 30cm square.

Ultra Fine Microfiber Lint Free Cleaning Cloth x 2
- The ideal smaller size for 7" & CD cleaning . A fine microfiber best for contact on shallow grooves / flat CD surfaces. Attracts, Lifts & holds Dirt, Dust And Grease with Just a little pure water or a suitable cleaning fluid - cloth size approx 15cm square

Clear Groove Ultra Cloths x 5
Chemical resistant extra tough disposbale cleaning towels. Totally lint free. For use on extremely soiled & extra valuable records where you want to totally eliminate transfer of dirt from one record to another. Excellent at Cleaning, polishing and buffing. Once Soiled simply throw away and use a new one. Highly absorbent , also suitable for final dry wiping. - cloth size approx 40cm (supplied folded)

For use on any type of record (vinyl / shellac/acetates/gramophone/CDs)
The ideal pack for Audiphioles, collectors, Vinyl DJ's, record dealers & Discoggers
also brilliant for cleaning glass, screens, lenses and many other things.