Advanced Record Cleaning

CLEAR record cleaner groove record cleaner

CD Precision Kit

£11.99 (Sold out)

Clear Groove Precision CD Cleaning Kit.

The Professional Effective solution for cleaning compact discs!

Includes 100ml of Clear Groove Advanced fluid, Lint Free cloths, Lint Free handling Gloves and 2 Foam Cleaning Mats.

Clear Groove CD Cleaning Spray (100ml)
- Effectively cleans dirt, dust,grease and cuts through stubborn dried on stains.
- Anti Microbial
- Speedy & Effective
- Quick & Easy

This kit includes:

- 100ml atomizer spray CD Cleaner
- Lint Free Cloths  - 3 cloths included.
- Lint Free Gloves (Breathable, Prevent Contamination & eliminate greasy finger marks. Anti-static and friction free, High quality as used in professional restoration)
- Neoprene Foam Cleaning Mats (for a clean surface to work on, wipe clean after use) - *2 mats supplied