Advanced Record Cleaning

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How to clean records and get the best sound from your vinyl.


Restoring Vinyl Records to their former glory does not have to be difficult, costly or time consuming. Our cleaning fluid and cloth kits are the easiest effective method to quickly clean your 12" LPs and 7"s


Will it improve sound quality of the record and reduce background noise / distortion?

In most cases Yes of course, a good clean will free any microscopic debris which adversely effect sound quality, its important to remember to use the fluid liberally and continue to wipe until completely dry. Our Fluid is designed to remove even the most stubborn dirt from records.


Can you repair a scratched record & how about preventing records From skipping / Jumping?

No you cant repair physical damage but its often the case that pops and crackles are caused by dirt & dust particles which can be completely removed with use of our advanced cleaning liquid. The fluid can dissolve even the most stubborn dried on muck.


Heres a few tips on the correct way to clean & care for your records with Clear Groove:


- Use As Directed On the Bottle - see usage instructions here

- Always Place Vinyl On a Flat Clean Surface for cleaning.

- Continue Buffing until completely dry and ensure all dirt particles loosened by the fluid are taken of with the cloth and not still left on the record surface.

- For best results repeat the cleaning process to ensure youve not left any residue and leave to completely dry before playing again.

- Replace Old Dusty Sleeves with new ones and keep your vinyl stored correctly, preferably with protective sleeves which seal up the record from the atmosphere.

- Make Sure your stylus and other listening equipment are wired, weighted and setup correctly.

- Dont Forget to Clean Your Stylus and turntable platter too!

- Keep your cloths Clean and replace once soiled. cloth and accessory packs are for sale in the shop


Removing Static From Vinyl

Our Fluid effectively combats static but you can also use a special anti static gun or a brush kept next to your turntable for every day use.


Record Cleaning Machines (RCM)

For the real vinyl connoisseur an automatic record cleaning machine is the ultimate toy!

Our fluid is suitable for all types of RCM as a replacement for the fluid supplied and will produce fantastic results.

It can be used straight out of the bottle - please see our 1L extra large size available here


Stylus Cleaning

We offer a range of products to clean your stylus too but please remember that this is the most delicate part of your equipment and always needs a careful approach to prevent damaging your needle.


Checkout are stylus cleaning fluid or view our product usage guides for more information here


Ours kits come with the best types of cloths available for record cleaning.



Cleaning Non Vinyl Records / old 78's / Acetates / Shellac

Whilst most modern discs are vinyl (PVC)  - some older era gramophone records & special discs are not made from vinyl and can be more delicate. Some also have special coatings which can be removed by standard cleaning fluids.  As such these should be cleaned with great care  - we recommend pure water only. We are in the process of developing a chemical free fluid specifically for cleaning these sort of discs. All our cloths are safe to use on these however.

Clear Groove - Is the Safest most effective fluid for vinyl only. If you are after a gentle cleaner or mix your own checkout

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