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Moth Record Cleaning Machine (powered)


The Moth Record Cleaning machine is a wet cleaning/Vacuuming device with

powered turntable and drain-able reservoir. Cleaning liquid is applied by hand to the

rotating record, and removed by  vacuum system into a drain able tank.

The unit is housed in a Steel enclosure with clear plastic lid.


Designed for professional and domestic home use.




Knosti Disco Antistat (manual winder)


If you want a RCM without spending a fortune then this is the model for you.



You have to manually wind the handle but it is quite fun to use and you get decent

results, also supplied with drying rack.



Project VC-S Record Cleaner (powered)


The new kid on the block, a stylish modern looking RCM with an impressive 800watt

motor and strong vacuum, very quick and easy to use. There's a 2.5 litre tank to hold

your fluid of choice.




Keith Monks Sovereign - RCM Mk2 (vacuum but with manual fluid method)


The original RCM inventor Keith Monks has been making machines since the 1960's!


The 'Entry Level' Keith Monks ‘Sovereign’ is the vacuum part of their standard RCM

but without the deck mounted wash system. Instead manually spray fluid onto the

record and the hoover part sucks it off.


Hand made in Great Britain.




Keith Monks Omni RCM (auto)


This is the latest model from Keith Monks available with oak, white or blue finish.

Its a Single brush system with fully adjustable fluid distribution and interchangeable

brushes, for all record sizes.


Making record cleaning machines since 1968, Keith Monks is Probably the most

famous record cleaning machine in the world! A special silver model was presented to

the Queen for her Silver Jubilee in 1977! - I wonder if she still has it? and what records

she cleans on it? Sex Pistols fan perhaps?



Okki Nokki RCM (powered)


Available in black or white, The dust cover is optional.

With Forward back Scrubbing action(Reversible direction platter) Its  

Super quiet and Lightweight.

Quality aluminium chassis and has dedicated vacuum cleaning tubes for 10” and 7”

vinyl records.


This is apparently  the best selling RCM in Europe.




LORICRAFT PRC3 MK.4 (automated)


Based on the RCM created by Percy Wilson (Editor of Gramophone magazine) back in

the mid sixties. Loricraft’s metal arm uses cotton-like material to act as a spacer

between the disc surface which means that the arm never actually touches the record

and results in no static buildup or dirt re-contamination. A stylish super high quality

unit, It uses an ultra quite motor and cost just over £1000.





at around £450 this is the budget model from Nitty Gritty.


The user must apply the fluid, scrub the record and rotate the platter to clean by hand.

Its then vacuumed off. Other more expensive models from Nitty Gritty are totally

automated (no need to scrub) Its a compact unit for those with lack of space.



Spin Clean Record Washer RCM MK 2

(Retro Edition - manual)


This company from the USA has been making record cleaning machines for over 40



All the products in the range are manual, reasonably priced for the average enthusiast.

40 years ago,  This is the retro model which also comes in original style old box.



Clear Audio Smart Matrix (automated)


This sexy looking machine cleans a record in 2 minutes.


Well crafted and very quiet, its fully automated and costs around £800.

Made in Germany.

moth vinyl cleaner machine knosti DISCO ANTI STAT PROJECT VS RCM The Spin Clean Retro record cleaning machine. Keith monks rcm OkkiNokki RCM loricraft Audio high end record cleaner Keith Monks sovereign machine clearaudio RCM

This is by no means a comprehensive list but includes some of the most popular models in the world.


We dont currently stock them - this guide is for reference only.

We are in no way affilated with any of the manufacturers mentioned.

all trade names and copyright belong to the respective companies.


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An expensive RCM (Record Cleaning Machine) is certainly desirable but beyond the scope of the average record collector.


However there are also some basic models that dont cost the earth.


If you have the cash and 1000's of records then some of these sexy looking high end machines might tempt you.


Our Clear Groove Fluids can be used with any brand of RCM for spectacular results without the extra elbow grease!


Some of our other vinyl & stylus care products would also compliment an RCM system quite nicely - Please checkout our accessories range or read on for an overview of some of the best machines available...