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Cleaner Records - TIPS!

Even the the most carefully looked after collection will gather microscopic dust over time and records that are played often easily become soiled with greasy fingerprint marks, dust and dirt that will massively effect sound quality!


Theres nothing quite like taking out a glistening fresh virgin disc and playing it for the 1st time in its full undistored crystal clear glory!


Clear Groove is a fantastic cleaning spray for keeping your records as close to new as possible and will restore even the dirtiest of records.


After a clean your vinyl will also be free from static and shiny like new!


Top Record Cleaning Tips:


Choose a flat, stable and CLEAN surface to work on


Use fluid Generously on really soiled records.


Repeat cleaning process several times if necessary to get all the dirt off.


Clear Groove is very effective at loosening gunk so make sure all this is transfered to the cloth and not left on the vinyl where it could cause distortion or collect on your needle.


Keep buffing the record untill the fluid has totally evaporated.


Dont forget to keep your stylus and turntable platter clean - click here for our stylus cleaner 


Replace dusty old inner sleeves where appropriate


Keep your records sealed in clear poly sleeves! - these prevent dust, smoke, fumes & moisture in the atmosphere from coming in to contact with your records. They also Keep fingerprint marks off your jackets & even provide some protection from being torn or creased! - checkout our sealable poly sleeves here


Never use household detergents on vinyl and even tap water as its full of impurities.


For delicate records like shellac & gramophone discs use a dry method of cleaning or just pure distilled or reverse osmosis water, see our guide to disc types and cleaning methods here


Once your cloth has become soiled - buy a new one - washing it in the washing machine will leave soap residue that could cause streaking on your records - however you could clean it in warm distilled water only.


More Tips & Info Here

Stylus Cleaning Tips Here



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