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TURNTABLE ROUND UP PART TWO - British Classics & Quirky

Our Second Instalment rounding up Great British classics like Rega / Garrard and Linn.





First launched in 1972 and still in production today by Glasgow based company Linn.


A patented design with unique bearing and chassis.


This is an iconic record player and probably the most popular for reference listening among audiophiles.


In the early days it was supplied without the tonearm so you could purchase a compatible model of choice. It also only played at 33rpm unless you had an adaptor.


There have been improvements to the turntable's design since its launch but it remains possible to buy a LP12 with a configuration not too dissimilar to one made in the seventies!


In 2004, Stereophile said it was "a classic, a revolutionary, an iconoclast, a survivor."


"Linn didn't invent the turntable, we simply understood that there was more information on an LP record than people were capable of accessing, so we applied our understanding of engineering to extracting it." Quote by Ivor Tiefenbrun, 2007 Chairman of Linn Products Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland-based manufacturers of high fidelity audio equipment.























The London based firm Pink Triangle opened its doors in 1979.

They manufactured several turntable models with innovative design features.


The Tarantella was the last model they produced and came out in the late 80's.


Noted for there superior sound quality, A complete stylistic departure from the earlier models, its chassis was a triangle of clear acrylic, with three metal spikes supporting it. DC motor and tonearm were mounted on metal outriggers.


Pink Triangle turntables were highly praised by the audio press and sold in significant quantities. However, they were never as commercially successful as the similarly priced Linn Sondek LP12.










































Thorens TD 150 Basic


OK so this ones not British, its Swiss but an article about classic record players would not be complete with mentioning Thorens.


The company has been trading since 1903 so they should know a thing or two! - a very popular phonograph manufacturer in the 1950's & 1960's


Usually if looking for a vintage Thorens you would seek out a TD180 or simular but this less known model is perhaps one of the most underated.


Still very well made if perhaps a little basic - the best thing is you can pick them up very cheaply on the second hand market so worth consideration.


Thorens are back making turntables again so you can also purchase the classic designs brand new!


anyway lets get back to the British models..



Thorens-TD150-Turntable Cart Thorens Record Player TD150



A fantastic turntable from the late 80's that was noted for its value for money performance and sleek good looks.


The orginal version has been updated and is now called the RP3


Whether you purchase a vintage model or a brand new one you cant go far wrong with these machines.


Rega also make other models available in a range of cool modern styles


see photos on the left & below.


Rega has a range of other quality components such as loudspeakers and amplifiers.





Rena Vinyl Deck RP3 Rena Vinyl Deck RP1 GREEN Rena Tonearm Rena Vinyl Deck RP1 Rena Vinyl Deck RP10






GARRARD 301 & 401


The Garrard company was first established way back in 1915 by the then Jewellers Garrard & Co.


It was later sold to Plessey, an electronics conglomerate, in 1960. Between 1976-1978, Garrard developed early video disc technology. Although the team recognised the potential of data storage this ended due to lack of funding. Garrard was sold by Plessey to Gradiente Electronics of Brazil in 1979 and production was moved to Brazil.

The remaining Garrard research and development operation in Swindon was reduced to a skeleton staff until closed in 1992. Then in 1997 Gradiente licensed the name to Terence O'Sullivan, now doing business as Garrard and Loricraft Audio.


Its worth noting that the Garrard brand name was licensed to other companies. As such there are many electrical items including turntables, tape players,walkmans, ghetto blasters and alike that actually have nothing to do with the original Garrard designs.


The 301 and 401 turntables however are genuine Garrard Designed products and iconic transcript turntables.


Production of the 301 started in 1953, the 401 was produced until 1976. Both decks are very similar but the later model has a more powerful motor and different exterior.


You can pick up these record players in many 'states of play' and there are even companies specialising in restored models but they do normally fetch a high price.




Refurbished Garrard record player 401 Garrard 401 Turntable Early DJing on Garrard record decks Old Advert For Garrard 301 401 Model by Garrard

The Real 'Oldskool' - a photo from the 1960's showing that DJing was around a longtime before the late 80's!


the Garrad 301's must have been the Technics of the day -

however if you asked to have a go at 'scratching the records' you surely would have been met with a frown!




Fonica G-Clef Note turntable


We promised you something quirky and wanted to leave you on a 'high note'


well how about this!


a gorgeously designed note shaped turntable.


With the base cut to the shape of giant treble clef,

beautifully crafted acrylic mirror polished heavy platter

and zirconium dioxide bearing.

Just one of the super sexy record players from Polish Company Fonica.





401 without tonearm

401 Refurbished