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Clear Groove Stylus Cleaning Fluid contains special ingredients that will remove particle build up from your record player needle, it quickly evaporates after use.


A great way to keep your stylus free from tiny vinyl particles, dirt, dust, and grease.


Use the brush built into the cap to apply the fluid to a seperate bristle brush that is then used to clean your stylus. An easier method of controlling exactly how much fluid goes onto the cleaning brush, it ensures only the small amount of fluid necessary reaches the stylus.













Use as often as possible to keep your stylus free of unwanted debris that can inhibit audio clarity and turntable performance.


You will receive a 10ml bottle of fluid with built in soft brush cap + seperate short bristle brush.


*This product contains a gentle formula of diluted alcohol. Please consult your turntable manual if in doubt and use carefully with old delicate equipment. For stylus only, not for cleaning other areas of your cartridge.


a dirty stylus can cause problems with sound & skipping - use in conjunction with Clear Groove record cleaner.  Please click here to enter the shop.








Ideal  for use with all makes and models of record turntables*


Supplied with seperate short bristle brush.


A simple and effective method of keeping your needle cleaner.

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