Advanced Record Cleaning Solutions

CLEAR record cleaner groove record cleaner

Fluid, Cloth & 2 Brushes


4 Piece Record Cleaning kit.

This kit includes Clear Groove fluid, our large microfiber cleaning cloth plus the new Square Cleaning Brush & Clear Groove Air Brush!

The original Clear Groove Record Cleaning Fluid containing unique special ingredients that deeply penetrate, removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your records whilst putting the shine back into them!  

- Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)

- Genuinely Tried & Tested - This is the original
 Clear Groove brand.

- Made with the finest quality, Purified chemicals

- 250ml Bottle (will clean 100's of 12"s)

- Large 30cm cleaning cloth

- Anti-static

- Anti Bacteria

- Quick Dry Formula

- Easy Spray on

- Safe On Vinyl

- Made In The UK

- Clear Groove Square Brush.
An extra tool for quickly removing dust, hairs & other fibres - a handy size to keep on your turntable.
(for best results moisten with a little cleaning fluid before use)
- Clear Groove Air Brush. For removing dust & fluff from your records, turntable platter & stylus.This handy little brush has a squeezable handle that emits a jet of air to blow fluff away! - keep one near your turntable (to be used dry without fluid) - Especially good for those annoying bits that get trapped round your needle!

You will receive:
1 x 250ml Bottle of Clear Groove Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid.

1 x Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
1 x Square Wet Cleaning Brush

1 x Air Blow Brush

a fantastic kit with handy tools to keep your records and turntable sounding great!

For vinyl only - not suitable for use on shellac / 78's