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Double Dip Stylus Cleaner

£12.99 (Sold out)

Clear Groove 'Double Dipped' Stylus Cleaning System.

Keeping your records clean is really only half the battle, ensuring your stylus is clean too will get the best possible performance from your equipment.

Over time there is often a build up of debris that may not be obvious to the naked eye but this is sure to effect sound quality.

- With This Kit You Can Clean any record player needle without the use of liquid and brushes that risk damage to the most delicate part of your equipment.

- Improve Audio Clarity and Turntable Performance

- Prolong The Life of Your stylus and Records

- Simple, Quick and Easy To Use!

- Removes Debris Build Up

Clear Grooves 2 stage approach combines 2 methods, after the quick and easy cleaning procedure your needle will be free of debris & any possible residue.

Pot 1 contains an advanced polymer gel compound, pot 2 contains a special dry micro porous foam.

You simply raise and lower your stylus in and out of the pot 1 and then in and out of pot 2, its that simple and takes literally seconds to get a dirty stylus back to its optimum performance.

*note: Sometimes when you think a stylus has 'gone' it does just need a clean, Whilst this product will not fix a stylus that is physically damaged or very heavily worn - its certain to dramatically improve the listening experience of old needles that still have some life left in them. Use regularly to keep your records sounding great. These products will last a long time even with continued daily use and should not release debris back onto your needle.

**the poly gel is also available seperately