Advanced Record Cleaning Solutions

CLEAR record cleaner groove record cleaner

Cleaning Kit & Brush


Clear Groove cleaning spray, microfiber cloth plus the new Square Cleaning Brush!

The original Clear Groove Record Cleaning Fluid containing unique special ingredients that deeply penetrate, removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your records whilst putting the shine back into them!  The fluid also contains properties that actively reduce static.

- Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)

- Genuinely Tried & Tested - This is the original Clear Groove brand.

- Made with the finest quality, Purified chemicals (other cleaners can contain impurities & additives that inhibit cleaning power and leave more of a residue behind)

- 250ml Bottle (will clean 100's of 12"s)

- Large cleaning cloth (not a tiny thin one that will need throwing away after a couple of uses!)

- Anti-static

- Anti Bacteria

- Quick Dry Formula

- Easy Spray on

- Safe On Vinyl

- Made In The UK

- Clear Groove Square Brush.
An extra tool for quickly removing dust, hairs & other fibres - a handy size to keep on your turntable.
(for best results moisten with a little cleaning fluid before use)

You will receive:
1 x 250ml Bottle of Clear Groove Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid.

1 x Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1 x Square Wet Cleaning Brush

Your records will look and feel better but most importantly SOUND better!
For vinyl only - not suitable for use on shellac / 78's